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About Us

Evergo locum agency is an established national medical recruitment company since 2008, we specialised in recruiting short-term locums and long-term medical staffs for medical centres and hospitals in Australia.

Evergo is an ISO 9001 accredited and registered NSW Health locum agency, and we also have strong connections with various medical centres. Our consultants are highly experienced in the medical locum field; We are not only helping local doctors getting the best jobs that suit their lifestyle but also helping International Medical Graduates (IMG) settling in Australia.

Our Vision

To become one of the international leading locum agencies to connect health workers with the healthcare facilities.

Our Mission

To connect great organisations with the right people in a designated time.

Our Value


We adopt the ethical standards and commit to the occupational health and safety for our staffs.


We respect everyone’s privacy, cultural diversity and belief and treat everyone equally.


We promote work / life balance and provide solution for entertainment and relaxation.       


We share knowledge, experience and work as a team, and committed with continuous professional development for our work.


High remuneration and job satisfaction
Independent practice in regional centres
More time with love ones
Oppotunity to visit tourist attractions 
Excitement to meet rare medical conditions

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What our locum doctors say.....

"Evergo Locum Agency has been very supportive along the years, their continuously care and encourgement has helped me achieving my goals and I am very grateful to be part of their locum families. I would certainly recommend, and will work with their direction.

- Shainna Oblemares

man in white crew neck shirt wearing white face mask
man in white crew neck shirt wearing white face mask
"My colleague and I recently joined Evergo Locum agency as they are being very understanding and assuring although I am just a recent medical postgraduate. They have answered all my questions and guide me through recruitment process. They have truly removed my pressure from facing hospital senior management directly. Strongly recommend them if you have doubt in your fresh medical career. 

- Brent Valdez

”As an international medical graduate, I have been carefully pampered by Evergo Locum Agency. They have, without questions, been astonishing, professional and precise. I am happy to settle warm downunder finally from icy cold country.

- Joyce Ortiz

woman taking selfie photo
woman taking selfie photo
"Effectively the best Locum organization I've been engaged with. Practical, up-to-date, reliable and truly care about their GP registrar. The have eased my financial stress for my training years, I hope you can gain the same expereince as mine."

- Sharon Orlons

man wearing Henley top portrait
man wearing Henley top portrait
”5 Stars service for Evergo Locum Agency”

- Sam Clair Laurez

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