Behind the
Evergo Locum Agency
success story


• Collaboration

• Openness

• Respect

• Empowerment.

We strive to reflect these CORE values in our workplaces and in our conduct by

demonstrating the following characteristics:


• We are an organisation that believes in its people and is people centred.

• Our leaders are role models for our core values and they are accountable.

• We willingly work in teams to provide excellent levels of care.

• Our teams are strong and successful because we all contribute and always seek

ways to improve.

• We encourage and recognise outstanding performance.


• We want our community to have confidence in their local health services.

• We foster greater confidence and cooperation through open communication.

• Our performance is open to public scrutiny through patient and employee surveys.

• We welcome and use feedback as a tool to do better.

• We encourage those around us to speak up and voice their ideas as well as their

concerns by making it clear that speaking up is worthwhile and valued.

• We communicate clearly and with integrity.


• We never lose sight of our patients’ fundamental right to be treated with dignity,

compassion and respect.

• We listen to patients, the community and each other.

• We welcome new ideas and ways of doing things to improve patient care

• We treat our colleagues and patients with dignity and respect, and care about those

around us.

• Each of us is responsible for workplace culture and performance.

• We have zero tolerance for bullying and no-one, no matter how senior, is exempt.


• We encourage and support local decision making and innovation.

• We accept that with local decision making comes responsibility and accountability.

• We make best use of resources and experience to meet patient and community


• While we seek direction from our leaders, we believe that everyone is empowered

to make a difference in our workplace.

• As individuals, we can improve our workplace culture and performance by

addressing issues that hold us back.

• We strive for individual excellence on behalf of our patients and our teams, and to

deliver the best possible care and services.

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